Vision. Mission. Leadership. Expertise. Trust.

CloudShare is a cloud computing company that provides an amazingly flexible and easy to use cloud-computing platform for developing and testing IT applications, software, and systems.


To make CloudShare the destination for IT professionals for development and testing in the cloud.


To make it delightfully simple for IT professionals to develop, test, manage and share IT solutions anywhere, anytime with nothing more than a web browser.

Leadership. Expertise and Trust.

The CloudShare team consists is one of the greatest ever assembled for creating cloud-based solutions. The team includes technology wizards with outstanding track records in developing breakthrough solutions and bringing them successfully to the market. And, CloudShare is backed by the world’s most successful and trusted venture capital firms specializing in technology companies.

Products and Offerings

CloudShare combines aspects of virtualization, cloud computing and collaboration to offer a software as a service (SaaS) solution for delivering IT to colleagues, clients, customers and partners. CloudShare automates the virtual lab. CloudShare makes full-featured virtual enterprise environments available online and on-demand. This has a variety of applications including development and testing, sales enablement, proofs-of-concept, evaluations, technical training and certification of hardware or software and channel enablement. 

Customers can create multi-machine IT environments in the cloud or upload existing virtual machines. CloudShare supports leading hypervisors (VMWare, Xen) and operating systems (Windows 7, Ubuntu), and provides many templates for new machines with operating systems and software (such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 or Ruby on Rails) preinstalled.