CloudShare Solution Overview


Turnkey Cloud Lab Solutions for Training, Sales Demos & Dev-Test

Where and When You Need Them – Quick and Hassle-Free

Cloudshare is the leading provider of virtual IT environments in the cloud, bringing you unlimited cloud-power, multiplying IT resources and slashing costs. Tap into our thousands of virtual environments and templates to build, provision and share complex computing environments anywhere in the world.
  • Trainers can quickly construct, replicate and reset comprehensive training environments through an easy-to-use interface
  • Sales people can easily create and deliver their winning product demonstrations without lugging equipment and dealing with setups
  • Developers can develop and test on exact replicas of production in 1 click
We make IT unlimited, fast and easy.

Virtual Training

  • Share virtual environments with your students in minutes
  • Create custom content or select from our template library to get started
  • Provision new online classrooms instantly from anywhere
  • Offer hands-on learning without travel or resource expenses

Sales Demos & POCs

  • Build virtual demos and create cloud-based proof of concepts
  • Prove the value of your product early in the sales process
  • Perform more evaluations with less effort and better consistency
  • Instantly deliver as many demo and evaluation environments as needed

Team Development & Testing

  • Get the infrastructure you need without battling for limited IT resources
  • Build, copy & share complex multi-VM environments in minutes
  • Use with plugins for leading ALM vendors, API and CLI, and VPN access
  • Remove ‘It works well on my machine’ from RnD’s vocabulary