Benefits - SharePoint

Benefits - SharePoint

Spin up SharePoint farms in minutes

CloudShare provides an unmatched solution for SharePoint development and testing. Build single server or multi-server SharePoint farms in minutes. With a few clicks, you can collaborate with other developers, demo for prospects, and deploy your solution to a production farm.

Ease of Use

CloudShare makes it easy to spin up any version of fully functional pre-configured SharePoint environment including the required tools for development. No IT experience needed. Start your SharePoint project in less than 5 minutes with SharePoint Server, AD, MSSQL, Exchange & more.


Share your SharePoint solution with your customers or colleagues. Collaborate better regardless to your location, invite your team members to work with you or send a copy of your SharePoint solution to anyone you’d like.

Product Catalog

Integrate your SharePoint solution with the latest products and tools. Select products from a verity of existing pre-configured templates. Our product catalog is constantly updated and expended.


CloudShare gives you the power to fully manage your SharePoint environment features, policies and security. Get complete access and control. There is no limitation to the access level allowed (machines and applications).

Save and Restore Your Solution

With the ability to save the memory state of multi-VM environments in minutes, you can backup your SharePoint solution and easily rollback to a known clean state. 

All You Need is a Browser

No infrastructure expertise needed. All you need in order to start working on your project is a browser.