On-Demand IT Environments - Overview

On-Demand IT Environments - Overview

Code, Build, Test on Your Terms

CloudShare’s on-demand IT environments empower users to kickstart new projects, explore new technologies, develop complex applications, and collaborate across teams without battling for limited IT infrastructure resources. Our self-service SaaS platform enables you to build, freeze and share complex multi-VM environments. CloudShare is optimized for multi-VM applications that include Oracle, MSSQL, AD, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and more. Use CloudShare Labs as a secure extension of your on-premise lab and expand as needed - start small, grow when you are ready.

RnD Mgr.

Agile Infrastructure - No Hardware, Storage or Networking Knowledge Needed

  • Give your team all the infrastructure they need in just minutes - eliminate the wait time for infrastructure.
  • Build complex multi-VM applications by uploading your own VMs or selecting from dozens of pre-configured templates.
  • Focus on application development , not IT or infrastructure.

Testing Quality and Collaboration

  • Ensure all team members test using the right configurations.
  • Let the entire team, and distributed organizations, work on the latest build as soon as it’s ready via a browser or terminal.
  • No more misconfigurations of MSSQL, IIS, WebLogic, Tomcat, AD, etc.
  • Know exactly what testers are viewing.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent trying to reproduce defects by suspending applications in their current disk and memory state.
  • Remove ‘It works well on my machine’ from RnD’s vocabulary.

QA Eng

Built with How You Work In Mind

  • Get the multi-VM environments you need in minutes / hours, not days / weeks / months.
  • Eliminate the time spent waiting for equipment configuration.

Information-driven Collaboration

  • Share bugs as you find them with developers, with the click of a mouse.
  • Snapshot an environment, send to development and keep on working - Developers will be able to see the application in the exact state it was when you found the bug.
  • Stop excuses such as ‘it works well on my machine’ or ‘I can’t work on it until you reproduce it’.

Testing Accuracy

  • Get the latest build installed on a ‘close-to-production’ environment.
  • No need to maintain your copy on a machine under someone’s desk or in the lab. Revert to a last known working state with the click of a mouse.
  • Reduce the risk of working on a misconfigured IIS, SQL, Tomcat or any other application.
  • Build environments from a golden configuration and share as-is.


Built to Fit Your Needs

  • Get all the infrastructure you dreamed on, in minutes. No more wait time. Build your environments from our template library or use your VMs.
  • Access the latest technology from our template library. No more waiting weeks to get your hands on the latest releases.
  • Get the multi-VM environments you need in minutes / hours, not days / weeks / months - No IT operations expertise needed.

Rapid Setup with One-click Workflows

  • Configure complex application infrastructure at the speed of agile cycles.
  • Control testing accuracy with the ability to push golden configurations across your entire organization.

Integrate with Development Lifecycle for Process

  • Automation Securely expand on-premise workflows to the cloud with our VPN support. Treat the cloud as a secured extension of your on-premise lab.
  • Experience built-in extensibility with a rich array of APIs.
  • Use plugins for ALM vendors.
Creating the Basic CloudShare Environment