CloudShare On-Demand & Individual

Start small and scale  as you grow. Access best practice templates from anywhere, on-demand.  Upload multi-machine environments to the cloud.  And save, clone and share everything you build.

On-Demand & Individual include:

Virtual Machines

On-Demand and Individual accounts can import uploaded ova & ovf VMs. These can be copied into template environments and snapshotted as blueprints. Virtual machine templates are also available for creating environments from scratch.

The CloudShare Environment

An environment is a collection of VMs -- front end, back end and anything in between -- networked and saved with all appliances. The state of networking, bandwidth, IP addresses, CPU usage, and maintenance are editable and fully saved at any point in development or testing. Persistent IPs and DNS are available as well.


300 GB of disk allows for multiple snapshots of the full system state. These can be saved as archives or swapped out as new changes are made,

Awesome Starting Point

CloudShare's On-Demand & Individual plans allow a user to upload or build as they need. At $.50 per GB RAM per hour, On-Demand only charges for environment runtime -- nothing else. Individual plans include 700 GB RAM hours per month. To upgrade, just contact us and we will migrate environments to Team or Enterprise accounts.


Many templates are preconfigured, such as SharePoint 2007-2013, Dynamics, SQL 2007-2014, many common Linux distributions and Oracle 11g. Additionally, CloudShare can upload any ova or ovf template.

See the full list of available machines


A rich forum, FAQ and community provides support for many common CloudShare issues.

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