Development & Testing

Cloud Based Development & Virtual Test Environments
Create and provision complex environments on multiple servers in minutes. Use the environment to collaborate, freeze bugs, take snapshots of applications & databases and run multiple tests in parallel on replicated infrastructures - on demand and in the cloud. No more worrying about scaling and limited resources. 
Say goodbye to long setups, server frustrations, money drains and sloppy edits.  And Say Hello to .. CloudShare!




RnD Mgr.

Agile Infrastructure - No Hardware, Storage or Networking Knowledge Needed

  • Give your team all the infrastructure they need in just minutes - eliminate the wait time for infrastructure.
  • Build complex multi-VM applications by uploading your own VMs or selecting from dozens of pre-configured templates.
  • Instantly build, customize and deploy your custom dev/test environment with preinstalled, fully-licensed best practice templates and multi-server machine environments
  • Focus on application development , not IT or infrastructure.

Testing Quality and Collaboration

  • Demo, collaborate on, test and validate new versions of applications in production-grade virtual data centers with any number of people, whenever and wherever you like
  • Ensure all team members test using the right configurations.
  • Let the entire team, and distributed organizations, work on the latest build as soon as it’s ready via a browser or terminal.
  • No more misconfigurations of MSSQL, IIS, WebLogic, Tomcat, AD, etc.
  • Know exactly what testers are viewing.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent trying to reproduce defects by suspending applications in their current disk and memory state.
  • Remove ‘It works well on my machine’ from RnD’s vocabulary.

QA Eng

Built with How You Work In Mind

  • Get the multi-VM environments you need in minutes / hours, not days / weeks / months.
  • Eliminate the time spent waiting for equipment configuration.

Information-driven Collaboration

  • Share bugs as you find them with developers, with the click of a mouse.
  • Snapshot an environment, send to development and keep on working - Developers will be able to see the application in the exact state it was when you found the bug.
  • Stop excuses such as ‘it works well on my machine’ or ‘I can’t work on it until you reproduce it’.

Testing Accuracy

  • Get the latest build installed on a ‘close-to-production’ environment.
  • No need to maintain your copy on a machine under someone’s desk or in the lab. Revert to a last known working state with the click of a mouse.
  • Reduce the risk of working on a misconfigured IIS, SQL, Tomcat or any other application.
  • Build environments from a golden configuration and share as-is.


Built to Fit Your Needs

  • Get all the infrastructure you dreamed on, in minutes. No more wait time. Build your environments from our template library or use your VMs.
  • Access the latest technology from our template library. No more waiting weeks to get your hands on the latest releases.
  • Get the multi-VM environments you need in minutes / hours, not days / weeks / months - No IT operations expertise needed.

Rapid Setup with One-click Workflows

  • Configure complex application infrastructure at the speed of agile cycles.
  • Control testing accuracy with the ability to push golden configurations across your entire organization.

Integrate with Development Lifecycle for Process

  • Securely expand on-premise workflows to the cloud with our VPN support. Treat the cloud as a secured extension of your on-premise lab.
  • Experience built-in extensibility with a rich array of APIs.
  • Use plugins for ALM vendors.
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