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Cloud Based Sales Demos & POCs- Overview

Deliver Software Sales Demos and POCs - via the Cloud

CloudShare's cloud IT platform streamlines the lengthy evaluation process typically associated with enterprise software sales. 
Using CloudShare, companies are able to engage with customers in a more powerful way, without the cost, time, and hassle of setting up on-site product evaluations. Instead of shipping in hardware and forcing prospects to endure a complex set up process, companies that rely on customer demos and on-premise proofs of concept can leverage CloudShare's cloud IT infrastructure platform to supply the exact infrastructure needed, in the cloud. The hardware is virtualized, as are the servers, networking and the configuration. Now, sales engineers can issue independent copies of the software, unchanged, in the cloud to prospects to evaluate and use as if it were on premise - in less than a minute.


Sales Engineer

Reduce Evaluation Time

  • Use CloudShare to efficiently create product demos and display your solution to your prospects. Invite clients to CloudShare’s proof of concept testing environment that ensures zero risk of customer error and provides a high-quality experience.
  • Gain critical insights into the evaluation process.

Give your Customers a Real-Time Experience

  • Get a leg up on the competition - CloudShare's cloud-based demo capability enables you (whether you're a technology vendor selling software, hardware, or appliances) to give prospective customers a hands-on experience with your products early on in the sales process.
  • Utilize CloudShare for an efficient, client-friendly sales process that proves your solution’s value from the start.

Easily Demonstrate a Complete Solution with Differentiating Features

  • Replicate fully-functional complex IT environments in the cloud and provide each user their dedicated copy of the same base system, with differentiating features in seconds, on demand, as needed.

Better Experience and Lower Costs

  • There's no new software to install, no infrastructure needed on site and no investment in hardware. Our hosted IT computing platform provides your prospects with a real-time, collaborative, hands-on experience of your offerings – while reducing time and expenses.

Marketing & Lead Gen

Generate Leads

  • Provide instant access to fully functional, hands-on online sales demo and proof of concept environments
  • Reduce the risk of losing prospects due to long downloads, installation and configuration.
  • Reach an unlimited amount of prospects instantly and on-demand

Monitor Usage and Collaborate

  • Monitor and manage end user activity in real-time through a simple dashboard
  • Collaborate in real-time with prospects and channel partners

Eliminate Infrastructure Overhead

  • Access the infrastructure needed in minutes, including hardware, servers, networking and configuration, through a self service hosted computing platform.


Sales Demos & POCS

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