How to Convert Classroom Training to Successful VILT

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"CloudShare has saved us time and money by drastically accelerating the class setup process."

Shaundra Bruvall

Program Delivery Coordinator at Innotech

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The biggest mistakes made when converting traditional training to virtual instructor-led training

10 key steps to make VILT effective

How to combine the benefits of traditional training with VILT

agree using virtual training labs is natural & enjoyable


agree using virtual training labs increases productivity


rated their company's virtual IT training as "always effective"


What do actual IT trainees feel about virtual IT training?

*Taken from the 2017 Virtual IT Training Labs Industry Report

"CloudShare reduces our setup time and configuration by 80%, as there is no need for manual cloning or for setting up individual user accounts, and also allows us to easily reuse our existing blueprints for the training."

Raphael Branger

Senior Solution Architect  at IT-Logix

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