It’s National Clean Your Refrigerator Day

Companies across the US spend $164.2 billion on training and education. But most of that isn’t working: studies show that employees only apply 15% of what they learn in most standard training. At CloudShare, we’ve worked with enough training departments to learn what work -- how to create training that really sticks. And we’d like to share what we’ve learned with you.

Just like a cluttered, messy fridge – sometimes, you just have to face it. This free ebook in honor of National Clean Your Refrigerator Day will make it easier than you think to declutter your training team, achieving efficiency and excellence in 5 simple steps.

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5 simple steps to toss inefficiencies and reboot your training... so you can kick off 2019 clutter-free 

If you believe 15% isn’t good enough, click to download your free ebook and start decluttering your training.