Ensuring Business Continuity Despite COVID-19

Aderant's user group conference, Momentum, is its largest annual event. Due to the pandemic, Brenna and her team decided to pivot from the originally planned live event in Texas to a virtual event.

As a proud CloudShare customer for 2 years providing hands-on virtual training to customers, the Momentum team required virtual labs for their week of online sessions.

The results were beyond expected and the conference finished with hundreds of attendees and without a hitch.

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"What’s amazing is seeing clients get more comfortable with the idea of a remote training environment. We used to go to bat with clients to say ‘we can’t do this remotely, we absolutely have to fly in.’ Now it’s been turned upside down. We’re telling clients ‘We absolutely can do this remotely’ and we’re watching them grow in confidence in the remote tools, and believe in us.”

Brenna Strickland, Director of Global Training and Development @ Aderant

Cost Savings

There was a clear reduction in operating costs, as well as in preparation time, with no need for physical presence.

Easy Setup

Trainers simply update the environment, schedule the class, and duplicate that environment for each session.

Attendees could play and test in a sandbox environment with no risk to another system.

Secure and Simple

Online Event Benefits

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