Are folders the new “F” word?

By Danielle Arad - June 20, 2012
1 min read

Are folders the new “F” word? I think yes, and not because I promote disorganization. Quite the opposite, in fact. Folders give you the perception of organization. Real organization happens with meta-data. In the video below I will explain what I mean.

Folders are:

– Limiting

– Difficult to maintain

– Need planning for set-up

If you truly want to organize your content, meta-data allows you to slice and dice information in numerous ways. Specifically, I am referring to SharePoint features including views, managed meta-data and content types, but the principles apply to the entire ECM world.

At times, high-level containers are necessary – root folder, site collection, site, library, cabinet, database. These should not be created based on organizational methods, but instead should be created based on the following:

– Size limitations

– Security requirements

– Back and Recovery SLA

– Performance

Search will never be 100% reliable, but content organization is key to improving search results. It’s also pertinent to improving the experience when search will not be used. Folders may give the perception of being organized, but they’re rarely used correctly and end up reinforcing bad organizational habits.

For the “R” rated of this video (AKA no Beeps ) click here.