All Your Virtual Machines Are Belong to You

By Danielle Arad - April 25, 2012
2 min read

If you understand why that title is funny, you are just nerdy enough to read this post.

I remember when I first started learning Object Oriented program or tools like Rational and Visual Studio. I was fascinated with their complexity. I never thought tools and programs such as those would ease their way into my everyday routine. What happens when the things we find complex and abstract today become the norm in the future?

The cloud and virtualization falls into this category of complexity. Sometimes, the concept makes users feel like they are playing video games and not actually doing real things. I’m here to tell you that when you move to the cloud and employ virtualization, nothing changes. In CloudShare ProPlus, once we provision virtual machines for you, all your virtual machines are belong to YOU!

Maybe you’re no longer kicking that dev/test server under your desk. Maybe you’re not feeling the pain of lugging around a 12 lb laptop. But, your CloudShare ProPlus virtual machine is no different than those unwieldy devices. The only difference is that you can do even more in your virtual environments. Once we give you a virtual machine. you can install software, change passwords, grant access, remove access, install patches, break things, just like before you moved to the cloud. But now, you can also SHARE everything you do with a few clicks.

I like to visualize the act of sharing my laptop by passing it along from person to person. Even virtual machines can’t be shared with the same ease as they can in CloudShare. CloudShare provides you with a simple link for sharing. You can share, collaborate, and create your virtual machines on the fly!

CloudShare ProPlus may seem like some abstraction of your old productivity environment, but it allows you to accomplish all of the same work. In fact, we make you even more productive because we give you a set of easy-to-use tools and the ability to work from anywhere. So, the next time you ask yourself, “Can I still do everything I used to do when I’m in CloudShare ProPlus?” Just remember AYBABTU – All your Virtual Machines are Belong to You.

Abstract and complex sounding today? Yes. Easy to use and soon to be the norm? Absolutely.