E-Learning Benefits – The Answer to Your Training Needs

By Danielle Arad - June 15, 2016
3 min read

The Answer to your Training Needs: Let them Learn Anywhere Anytime

Remember those wireless phones from the 70s and 80s? The ones that looked like Michael Douglas in “Wall Street” was speaking into a brick? Yes. Well, they may have looked cool at the time, but they’re long gone and surely in another 10 or 20 years the iPhone6 will seem equally as cumbersome.

A similar process is rapidly developing in employee training. Every competitive sales company considers this a top priority and that means keeping your training technology – and techniques – state of the art. Today, that means sailing into the cloud, as smoothly as possible – something like an instant upgrade from brick phone to iPhone6.

Tech revolution

Sometimes referred to as e-learning 2.0, “Cloud services open up an enterprise-level of resources unlike any we’ve seen in the past,” says StormWind Chairman and CEO Tom Graunke. “This evolution to cloud resources introduces students to high-definition learning capabilities such as green-screen technology and the integration of Hollywood-quality imagery.”

Whereas previous methods of enhancing e-learning with technology were greatly limited by the resources and capabilities of an in-house IT team and confined to the contents of one computer, cloud based training is anything but handicapped. As Graunke points out, “It finally delivers on the promise of e-learning.”

This new frontier of technology does so by tearing down the limits of e-learning 1.0, allowing for an entirely new range of possibility and making every user a pioneer.


Perhaps the greatest promise of e-learning that the cloud realizes in an unprecedented manner is mobility. Partly thanks to mobile phones and tablets, the cloud brings training to employees wherever they are, freeing them from the confines of a desktop computer. Mobility, in turn, leads to a number of other benefits for e-learning 2.0 trainees.

Saving money and minds

Cloud based training isn’t only about the knowledge gained by trainees, it’s also about efficiency. Most importantly for any business, what’s mobile is also cost efficient. By moving into the cloud, businesses instantly bypass the costs associated with in-house training development, or the expensive outsourcing of education to outside teachers or programs.

“The value extends beyond the obvious,” says Chris Lennon, Director of Product Management at SilkRoad Technology. “The energy that goes into managing the infrastructure can be invested into improving your training programs. It’s hard to put a price tag on your energy and focus, but all of us working today understand the value.”

Getting intimate

Mobility also translates into analytics, and training analytics are more valuable than the data Google give you on visitors to your websites.

“Using internet reporting technology, management teams can see the time of day people completed the training,” says TechScholar Principal William Breslow. “With properly programmed features, they can even see how much time was spent on any individual screen and what links were accessed for more information. This helps fine-tune and structure future training.”

Online training gets intimate with user in a second way, however. By collecting data on trainees, training in the cloud can evolve to fit an employee’s needs: A process called personalization. With a personalized training platform, the technology adapts to its user, rather than the other way around.

Businesses in today’s market need more personalized content for cheaper and on the go. Grant your employees the opportunity to train in the way that’s best for them and the business will reap the rewards.