How CloudShare’s Virtual IT Labs Helps the Sharepoint Community

By Danielle Arad - October 17, 2014
3 min read

(Last updated in 2018)

Business groups across the enterprise are competing for, or lack access to, IT resources customized for their specific objectives.

With CloudShare’s virtual IT labs, users get immediate access to infrastructure resources that have been optimized for their specific line of business, enabling them to work with speed, scale and efficiency, and without the need for specific IT operations expertise.

CloudShare enables development and testing groups working with complex, multi-tier enterprise applications to rapidly create and provision complex environments for build verification, test automation, and manual testing without changing any of their in-house tools or processes. Moreover, CloudShare has created many functions and features to the help SharePoint community create, replicate and manage SharePoint environments. This and a few other things make CloudShare the leader in the SharePoint market.

Ease of Use

The ability to use CloudShare’s IT environments anywhere and everywhere is what makes it unique. Some of the great features of CloudShare’s on demand IT environments are:

This is a great feature providing the ability to login to your virtual IT environments from anywhere to everywhere and on any type of device.


CloudShare’s virtual IT labs help achieve a good level of collaboration among the team. For instance, there is no need to have Active Directory attached accounts to share environments among your team. You can just send and share email ids. Your team needs to simply register to CloudShare’s cloud-based testing environment using that email address and they can start using the SharePoint environment you have shared with them.

This makes it very easy to share environments with your team or customers seamlessly.

Pre-Configured SharePoint Farm templates

CloudShare provides multiple pre-configured virtual machine templates, which can be converted to running environments in minutes. Just pick a Sharepoint template and let it provision – It is completely ready for use after that.

Some of the pre-configured VM Sharepoint templates that are available are:

– SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment with TFS

– SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment with Visual Studio

– SharePoint 2010 Enterprise environment with Dynamics CRM

Much more can be found out at CloudShare’s VM template library

Complete control of the SharePoint environment

SharePoint environments provided by CloudShare’s virtual lab can be completely controlled by the user or set of users using this environment.

As you get  full admin access to the machines, you can configure and change the environments, set up new portals, install new applications and much more as you wish.

Use only when you want to!

The best part of CloudShare is the Auto-Suspend feature. The Virtual Machines created within CloudShare’s on-demand IT environments can be turned off when not in use so that any VM can be up and running only for a specific period of time. Once the time limit is reached, it turns off automatically.

In case you forget to shut down the machine, it will automatically turn off. When you log back, you can fire up the machine and start working from the exact same spot you left off.

This feature can even be turned off if not needed.

Recreate with ease

Once your virtual environments are built you can save them as templates. That same template can be reused when needed. This is a great feature as it saves you time and the headaches of setting up an environment from scratch.

I encourage you to create your account today and experience the power of CloudShare.