Bringing Techie Back

By Danielle Arad - February 6, 2012
1 min read

Dave Winer, former contributing editor at Wired Magazine, recently wrote this column about the widespread proliferation of “techie” as cool, which is leading to fewer and fewer actual techies, aka programmers, being featured at tech conferences. Instead, the charismatic VC or social entrepreneur is nabbing the limelight at events that were once dedicated to well, the true techie.

This practice of getting the techie out of tech can partly be attributed to the fame, fortune, and inevitable cool that now goes alongside the introduction of the latest and greatest gadget, program, or social software. While I don’t plan to undermine the very significant contributions of say Steve Jobs, Sean Parker, or Mark Zuckerberg (my iPad, iPhone, and Macbook Pro are all in front of me as I type this post while streaming Spotify), maybe it’s time to bring “nerd” back so that there can be greater innovation and a focus on real solutions.

Cloudshare is a solution that allows the real techies to collaborate, develop, and innovate without sacrificing the “nerdy” elements that separate this community from the pack. Social doesn’t just have to be for the financially connected or the “cool” kids. It is, in fact, most powerful for the people who know coding, programming, and the technology behind the fancy gadgets.

Do you like that tech’s gone cool or do you think it affects real tech progress by being overly concerned with image?