Build, Test, Repeat!

By Danielle Arad - November 12, 2014
2 min read

Building test environments should be easy — not just simple if it’s a simple configuration, or simple for experienced IT. When on-premise infrastructure, legacy code, and new projects are involved, building and testing becomes complicated. Thankfully, CloudShare and its users have been solving these problems for a long time.

Each week, CloudShare’s solutions team and inquisitive users discuss their solutions in a weekly webinar. Together, we cover topics like synching on-premise networks and the cloud, simple methods for (moving closer to) continuous integration, and more.

Some Common Questions:

  • Can I work in secure offline setting with a CloudShare environment?
  • Can I connect to an on-premise network and it’s directories?
  • We want to move to nightly builds, how can you help?
  • How can my work be moved to a production environment?

Read below to learn about this week’s topic: “hybrid clouds”.

“Hybrid Clouds” in the Wild

The vogue term for features that bridge the gap between on-premise and public cloud is “hybrid cloud”. To CloudShare users, this is old news: whether it means setting up a point-to-point VPN to “Bring the Power of CloudShare to Your Network”, or automating dev/test cycles so that testing extends from on-premise build servers into the cloud, CloudShare users have been building “hybrid clouds” for a while.

In this week’s webinar, we discussed another, more basic “hybrid” scenario: importing and exporting environments to CloudShare.




This Simple but Powerful Feature Allows More than just File Sharing:

As users in the webinar pointed out, this allows for very large files — entire production-ready environments — to be built in CloudShare and shipped on-premise or to another cloud. In short this means:

  • Exporting and then migrating to production.
  • Working offline in areas where cloud services are not permitted
  • Importing a full local lab for extended work in the cloud
  • Sharing an entire lab and it’s builds with remote team members

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