CloudShare API – GA

By Danielle Arad - May 19, 2013
2 min read
We are excited to announce that CloudShare API is now GA.
If you are a developer, you can access CloudShare functionality through the CloudShare API. For example, you can create, launch and manage the lifecycle of your environments, automate your build and deployment processes, run automated testing or build your own workflows for utilizing CloudShare. The API lets you integrate CloudShare environments and features with your own applications.
CloudShare API includes three main categories:
  • Environments – Manage the lifecycle of your environments. You can launch environments from blueprints, suspend/resume the environments, add/remove VMs and much more
  • Snapshots – Take snapshots of environments, which are saved. Snapshots can be used when creating new environments, or to be restored onto existing environments to start them in a specific state
  • End User Invitations – Prepare and send invitations to end users to use environments from your blueprints. You can create a ‘free hosted trial’ for your software, integrate with your CRM and more
For example, assuming you run your nightly builds on-premise, and would like to deploy your builds to CloudShare, so every morning the QA team can instantly run your application environment with the latest build so they can start testing before finishing their first cup of coffee – see how simple the workflow is utilizing CloudShare API:
For those of you that were in our beta program for the API and got access to the first version, here is what we released in Version 2 :
For a full documentation of CloudShare APIs please click here
Note – CloudShare API are available for CloudShare TeamLabs and CloudShare Enterprise