CloudShare Interoperates with Windows Azure

By Danielle Arad - June 7, 2012
1 min read

We now offer Windows Azure development and testing in the cloud with an easy transition to production!

We worked together with Microsoft to offer a fully integrated environment to deliver instant productivity on Azure projects. This is the most efficient way to explore, develop, and migrate to the Azure platform.

Integration of Windows Azure on our platform affords you the ability to:

  • Explore a fully functional Azure development environment within minutes
  • Develop and test in the cloud on a variety of templates and multi-server environments
  • Migrate from development on CloudShare to Azure production

Try Azure development with CloudShare now

How does it work?

The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Begin your SharePoint project on a pre-configured CloudShare environment
  2. Develop and test your SharePoint solution
  3. Export that solution to CloudFolders as .WSP, .BAK, or code
  4. Create an instance in Azure
  5. Deploy your solution from CloudFolders to your Azure instance

Simple as that!

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