CloudShare Introduces ( For Real ) – Live Snapshots, Tool Library

By Danielle Arad - April 2, 2012
2 min read

Yesterday’s pretend release was not only fun, but real. Everything SpaceBox claims to offer– accessibility from anywhere with an Internet connection and reliable data centers for your virtual machines– is all true with the grounded ProPlus product!

Maybe we didn’t actually move ProPlus data centers into space, but we did continue to enhance our service. This week we’ve added very cool live snapshots, a tool library, and two new templates.

Live Snapshots: The 3/18 release brought a lot for snapshots. We gave you the ability to revert individual machines and to revert whole environments without having to resume. This means you can edit hardware, descriptions, and machines in multiple machine environments, without having to resume or affect other machines.

NOW, we give you Live Snapshots, which means you can take snapshots in the background. This awesome new feature allows you to immediately continue working without having to wait for a snapshot to complete! So cool! If you make changes while a snapshot is running, keep in mind those changes will not be reflected in the current snapshot, but will in the next.

Tool Library: The tool library is a supplement to our already robust library of templates. A shortcut on your desktop, the tool library is a read-only directory visible to all of our users, containing common tools, service packs, and patches that may be of interest to you. Just like our templates, we will be regularly updating this directory. If you have suggestions for tools, please let me know at (yet another way to avoid Template Rage).

New Templates: We are in high gear again with new templates. This release, we’ve added a template for Windows 7 with Dev Tools ( Visual Studio ) and SharePoint 2010 Standard edition to complement the existing Foundation and Enterprise edition templates.

SpaceBox or no SpaceBox, we are committed to bi-weekly releases for ProPlus to continually improve how you use the platform. If you have an idea for a Pro Plus product release, please share your suggestions here.

– Revert Individual Machines
– Revert Suspended Environments

– New Website
– iPhone Support

– Walling of trial users
– Secure FTP

– Added port range 8000-8010 to Web Access

– Enabled support for more external agents over Web Access

Support for Safari on Mac and iPad iOS

– Compressed content over web access – improved performance

– More granularity during environment resume

– Port 8080 open for Web Access
– SharePoint alternate access maps configured automatically

– Ability to Copy Environments