CloudShare Introduces – Licenses and the Welcome Wizard

By Danielle Arad - January 8, 2012
2 min read

It’s a new year, the 7th ( my lucky number), and release day! CloudShare wishes a Happy new year to everyone. This new year blog post has nothing to do with ends of worlds and Mayan predictions. It’s all about what was released today, and what is coming in 2012.

The ProPlus product has been evolving rapidly over the last 1.5 years into the platform your love today. Thanks to bi-weekly release cycles, a genius development team, and serious gumption, we maintain a heavy road-map of new enhancements that make the product even more powerful then it already is. In 2011, we focused a lot on consistency of service and performance. In 2012, we will continue with this, but push the envelop to add some major new features that expand the offering. So, 2012 is a very exciting year for ProPlus and what it will become.

Now for what is new as of today.
– A welcome wizard for trial users
– Environments maintain creation order in “My Homepage”
– “Subscriptions” are now called “Licenses”
– Improved the behavior of “Take Ownership”
– Streamlined environment creation process
– Added ability to re-purchase expired licenses

“Subscriptions” are now called “Licenses”: Holy terms batman. Yes I know terminology is one of the silent killers in the tech world. There are cool terms, terms that actually mean something,l ike “Cloud”, just kidding, and terms that mean many things. When products evolve rapidly terminology is a constant challenge. Our goal is to avoid confusion. We found that the term “Subscription” was not only confusing to our users, but confusing to us. So we changed it to “License”. Licenses are the right to create an environment. You can own many of these. They have a term ( annual or monthly ), and they can be applied to new environments ( happens automatically ) or existing ones. This change was accelerated by some future new cool stuff coming.

Added ability to re-purchase expired licenses: Speaking of licenses. You can now re-purchase expired licenses with a simple click from the “My Account” tab and apply them to new environments or environments in grace.

The big items on the horizon are:
– New way to access machines on Mac and iOS devices
– Ability to revert individual machines from snapshot
– Changed behavior of web access for external apps

** Previous Releases **

– Compressed content over web access – improved performance
– Reboot option on view environment page
– Increased consistency of environment resume time

– More context for the purchase subscription workflow
– Fixed issue with alternate access mapping of shared copies
– More granularity during environment resume
– Performance enhancements over Web Access
– Performance enhancement for resume


– Port 8080 open for Web Access
– SharePoint alternate access maps configured automatically
– Faster access to full template list when creating environment

– Quicker access to RDP sessions
– Copy environment button
– Performance improvements