CloudShare Introduces – New and improved website and iPhone support!

By Danielle Arad - March 4, 2012
2 min read

Are you as jittery on release days as I am? Today we bring you two UX changes to ProPlus, in addition to a brand spanking new website!

New Website: The CloudShare marketing team worked very hard over the last few months designing and building a brand new website. It is finally LIVE and we couldn’t be more excited. The new site gives more clarity to CloudShare’s solution offerings and don’t forget to check out the newly designed Solution Showcase to see all the Environments we and our partners have published. If you have something great for the Solution Showcase, don’t forget to let us know!

Increased iPad and iPhone Support: You may have seen or tried our HTML 5 RDP client for iOS devices. We have now made the experience even better, if you can believe it. Specifically for the add-machines pages we have made the UX on mobile devices better. And for the iPhone, we have made the “View Machine” button go directly to the HTML 5 RDP page. No more drop-down. No more “Unsupported Browser” messages.

Progress Bar: As our active ProPlus users know, the Resume Progress Bar is both a good indicator of when your environment will be ready,and a reminder of just how excited you are to start working. Because we know you love it so much :), we redesigned it to improve your experience. The re-design not only includes aesthetic changes, but most importantly, we now provide you with better notifications of progress or if something goes wrong with one of your virtual machines during resume.

Alright, enough reading about the updates, go and enjoy them while CloudSharing! What do you think about our new website?

** Previous Releases **

– Walling of trial users
– Secure FTP

– Added port range 8000-8010 to Web Access

– Enabled support for more external agents over Web Access

Support for Safari on Mac and iPad iOS

– Compressed content over web access – improved performance

– More granularity during environment resume

– Port 8080 open for Web Access
– SharePoint alternate access maps configured automatically

– Ability to Copy Environments