CloudShare Introduces – Snapshots

By Danielle Arad - March 18, 2012
2 min read

If you are like me, you know how important it is to back dat work up. In all seriousness, protecting what you have built inside of CloudShare ProPlus is pertinent to staying productive and the comfort to fail fast and try new things in your development environment. That is why we have put a lot of focus on Snapshots in this and the upcoming release. Enjoy!

Snapshots are the tool we give environment owners to backup the current state of an entire environment. Each environment has one snapshot available at a time. Owners of an environment control when snapshots are taken to ensure collaborators do not overwrite each other’s work. For this release, we added two major items to snapshots – the ability to revert individual machines and the ability to revert while an environment is suspended.

Revert Individual Machines

Snapshots are taken of full environments in order to keep the ease of use and eliminate the concern of missing a machine. In the past, you also had to revert full environments, but now you can revert individual machines! Instead of restoring all machines in the environment, you have the option on a per-machine level to revert them. This allows you to, for example, just revert your client machine instead of your whole SharePoint farm, or just your SharePoint farm because a solution you just wrote broke something. Happens to me all the time!

Revert Suspended Environments

Not just individual machines. Now you can do any revert on a machine or environment even before the environment is resumed. This means, if you know as soon as you login that you want to revert to a snapshot on a machine level entire environment, you can do so before the environment is resumed. Click on “View Environment” and you will see the machine level revert and revert to last snapshot options available immediately! For me, this means when I solve a problem in my sleep, the first thing I can do in the morning is revert to a snapshot and start over.

All the features we bring you are to help you to be more productive and get even more from your development and test environments.

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