CloudShare Introduces: SpaceBox

By Danielle Arad - April 1, 2012
2 min read

Sometimes a release is so major that we stop everything for a day and just celebrate our success.

Today is one of those super release days. In order to write this particular post I had to double up on my anxiety meds, because I am SO excited to talk to you about SpaceBox. I’ve always been fascinated with space, and I love to organize things into boxes, so how could combining the two be a bad thing?

The CloudShare development team prides itself on being not just cutting edge, not bleeding edge, but diamond bleeding edge. That is how modern we are.

Now, let me tell you why we are all-deserving of the “diamond bleeding edge” description.

SpaceBox is CloudShare ProPlus IN SPACE. The same great technology we’ve always provided is now hovering above your head to make your environments super efficient and even more powerful. We’ve removed all of the inherent problems when working on planet Earth — floods, cyclones, and high capital expenses.

Putting our datacenters in space gives you:

  • High, speed continuous access to ProPlus from anywhere
  • Eliminates your carbon footprint by removing the need for massive earth-bound data centers
  • A unique zero-gravity technique which makes for greater storage capacity (1 Petabyte of solid-state memory in an 1” by 1” cube)


We know that your primary concern is productivity, so with SpaceBox, we’re keeping your virtual machines high and dry, and making you more productive than ever.

SpaceBox is available now. Try it Today or read more.

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