CloudShare Introduces – Windows Server 2012 and more templates!

By Danielle Arad - June 17, 2012
3 min read

On this Father’s Day and release day, I’m happy to bring you Windows Server 2012 RC0 ( or if you prefer, Windows Server 8 ), a new multi-server farm permalink, and some new, bare SharePoint templates.

I’d like to tell you about five brand new templates and one permalink, all of which are in high demand.

Windows Server 2012 RCo

First, we are most excited to announce that we are able to support the Windows 8 OS. Today we release a Windows Server 2012 RCo template. Soon, we will release Windows 8 Client and Windows 8 Server Beta, so you’ll be able to sample all of the flavors! The Windows Server 2012 RC0 template is available as a machine template and I have added it to the “Microsoft Stack Preview” permalink along with the Visual Studio 2011 Beta here.

SharePoint Additional Servers

Working on a single server farm for initial development and testing can be convenient, but many SharePoint developers need a multi-server farm. Previously, we offered numerous versions of a multi-server farm – from single to 4 servers. We found that knowing which to choose could be confusing. We’re changing our approach.

We’ve built a brand new SharePoint 2010 Multi-Server farm with seperate Active Directory and SQL servers, one Web-Front-End ( WFE ) and one Application server. This permalink includes current service packs and can be found here or in our Solution Showcase under “Multi-Server”.

If you need more front-ends or application servers, we’ve created a “SharePoint 2010 Additional Server Bits Only” template to make it very easy to add an additional server to your multi-server farm configuration. The same can be done for SharePoint 2007 with a “SharePoint 2007 Additional Server Bits Only” template.

Team Foundation Server 2010

Now its own machine template, we have moved Team Foundation Server 2010 out of the “Microsoft Stack Preview” Environment/Permalink. This allows you to add it as a machine to your existing environments and use the latest version of Microsoft TFS as your source repository, providing greater flexibility. The template includes:

Description: OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1
Spec: 80 GB HD / 8 GB RAM

  • Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1
  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise SP1
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Office WebApps SP1
  • Office Professional Plus 2010 SP1
  • Visio 2010 Premium Edition
  • Adobe Reader


Ubuntu 12.04 Server W/ LAMP Stack
For the Linux developers, a new, more comprehensive Ubuntu with the LAMP stack. The template comes with:

OS: Ubuntu 12.04 Server
Spec: 30 GB HD / 2 GB RAM

  • Apache Server
  • MySQL
  • PHP


Additional Server 8 and Windows 8 templates will be available this week after some final testing. It’s template mania here at CloudShare. Happy CloudSharing!

– SQL 2012 Templates
– Search and Sort

– New BI Templates
– More HTML 5 RDP Support

– New Templates

– New Sharing UI

– Tool Library
– New Templates

– Revert Individual Machines
– Revert Suspended Environments

– New Website
– iPhone Support

– Walling of trial users
– Secure FTP

– Added port range 8000-8010 to Web Access

– Enabled support for more external agents over Web Access

Support for Safari on Mac and iPad iOS

– Compressed content over web access – improved performance

– More granularity during environment resume

– Port 8080 open for Web Access
– SharePoint alternate access maps configured automatically

– Ability to Copy Environments