Developer Productivity Is …

By Danielle Arad - July 25, 2013
1 min read

We all have our favorite work tools. For sales teams it’s their CRM, for operation folks it’s their ERP package, for the knowledge worker it’s their Email client. But for the developer it’s their IDE. And one of the favorite IDEs is Visual Studio. CloudShare believes that the developer should be able to live inside of their favorite dev tool, but still experience the power of using Dev/Test Cloud for their builds and testing. Introducing the new CloudShare Explorer.

Developer productivity is … spending more time coding and less time thinking how to. I’ve been using the CloudShare Explorer for weeks now, and I can’t imagine coding without it. It allows me to consume my environments in CloudShare without leaving visual studio. The plugin is available for Visual Studio 2012 and even Visual Studio 2013 Preview. It creates a new view inside of Visual Studio. Once linked with your ProPlus or TeamLabs account you can resume environments, delete machines, add machines, revert machines, even revert whole environments. And once the VM is running you can access the web application hosted on it or get a direct accelerated RDP connection to it. With two clicks.

When combined with the TFS plugin Developers can not only live inside of visual studio, but they can also automatically provision environments and have their code deployed for testing without breaking a sweat. It’s not any more complicated then that. Get a the plugin now !