EUSP Hackathon on CloudShare!

By Danielle Arad - May 23, 2012
2 min read

What happens when 4 SharePoint experts starts arguing about jQuery and OOTB vs customization for SharePoint media sites? Mark Miller ( @EUSP ) of steps in and organizes a battle. Name of this battle? EUSP Hackathon. And it went down on CloudShare.

The Solutions – Vote Now

Doug Hemminger:

Pranav Sharma:

Matthew Bramer:

James Love:

Mark wanted to show the world the endless possibilities when working with SharePoint. First, the participants needed a sandbox to build their solutions. This is where CloudShare came in.

The workflow was simple. I created a base SharePoint farm with one web application enabled for anonymous access, no site collections, and setup a permalink. Then I sent this permalink out to each of the contestants. Here was the line-up:

Doug Hemminger, @DougHemminger
Pranav Sharma, @epranav
Matthew Bramer, @iOnline247
James Love, @jimmywim

The contestants spent 7 days building their solutions on CloudShare, all while being subjected to typical heckling under the Twitter hashtag #EUSPHack.

Some comments were just plain funny and others I actually learned a ton from! For example, I learned about a new content type from Pranav Sharma, about smoothing from James Love, cool ways to use DNS routing from Doug Hemminger, and ideas for awesome audio players from Matthew Bramer. Once the contestants were done beating up their farms, they submitted their solutions and did a live session with hand picked judges.

Now you can vote on their submitted Web Access URLs! (Web Access URLs are one of the most popular features in ProPlus for Sharepoint developers to share their solutions)

Thank you to Mark Miller and the contents who participated in this exciting challenge. The best part for me was that this created a forum for the nonbelievers to see all of the possibilities with SharePoint. SharePoint doesn’t just have to be vanilla.

I’m hoping there are many challenges to come. Now that you’ve seen the solutions, don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite.