#EUSPHack follow-up: the winner & the environments

By Danielle Arad - June 4, 2012
1 min read

The first EndUserSharePoint.com Hackathon concluded last Friday! The winner has been selected and now you can play with the expert created CloudShare ProPlus environments.

Congratulations to James Love for winning #EUSPHack. It was a close contest. You can view the results here. CloudShare served as a great platform for the developers to create their solutions and now for you to access to the complete developer farms!

Below are the permalinks for each contestant’s environment. A permalink is a complete copy of an environment in the state it was left in by the developer. Via permalink, you can see the entire solution:

James Love: https://use.cloudshare.com/Pro/ShareEnv/C10Q46HF1KGH
Doug Hemminger: https://use.cloudshare.com/Pro/ShareEnv/BN7TO6DOK291
Pranav Sharma: https://use.cloudshare.com/Pro/ShareEnv/TQ7M5LNB0TRD

Feel free to play with the environments and give a shout-out to the winners. I can’t wait until the next one!