Gimme Software!

By Danielle Arad - January 13, 2012
2 min read

We nerds can never have enough bits! At CloudShare we know how important the software stack on your virtual machine is. And we want to give you more. Here is your chance to help us do that!

But first! An explanation. CloudShare Pro has two types of templates, machine templates, and showcase templates. Machine templates are single VMs with OS, and Software Stack. Minimal configuration is done on these VMs. That is your job, you build things. Our job is to make these templates the best we can. We do that by keeping current on updates, and making sure critical pieces work correctly. Showcase templates are one step further. They are one or more machine environments with OS, software stack, and some specific configuration. We build some of these, and our friends build others.

The power of the CloudShare platform is that once we give you the machine, or environment, it’s yours. Install software, change configuration, go hog wild. Hell, you can even break it, and start over.

We will never have it all. But we want to give you more, and have heard your cry:

“I want more templates, more more, please, yes please!”

“Uh you know that thing that SharePoint does and two people use? Why doesn’t it work!?”

There is a way for CloudShare and you to work together to make even more templates.

So … I ask you … Are you ready to be a CloudShare Template ALLSTAR!?

If so, then I want to hear from you Chris @ CloudShare . com. You can participate in Community built showcase templates. The process is easy. Contact me, pitch your template. I will first make sure it’s doable ( licenses and all ), then I will make sure more than you and your best friend want it. Then, we build and share!

1.) You help build it
2.) We publish it
3.) You get “Cloud Cred”

When it’s done, the Showcase Template will be published, and I will list you as a contributor(s) ( name email twitter and blog ). What do you think!? That is what CloudSharing is all about.