How is your Memory these days

By Danielle Arad - September 3, 2012
1 min read

I forget everything. My wallet, sunglasses, location of my car, and I even forgot my age twice. Human memory, unfortunately, just does not work like Memory works in the tech world. Becuase of that I prefer talking about computer memory.

How is your memory these days? Does your environment have enough RAM? In CloudShare ProPlus the base environment comes with 8GB of ram. Sometimes you have a project that needs more. In the past this required a phone call to us, and some configuration on our end. But guess what? There is no more need! You can now purchase memory for your environments self-service. That’s right; if you need an 8 GB boost in memory you can get a memory add-on. You can increase the memory of an individual environment up to 32GB

Memory Add-Ons, like environments, can be purchased at any time, when you originally sign up or later. Simply click the new buy memory icon:

or the “Buy Now” and “Add Licenses” buttons. Once you do that you will get to select the number of 8 GB RAM add-ons you need

Once you do this the new add-ons will appear in your “My Account” ->”Account Info” tab. Note that you must assign memory to environments. If you don’t assign them they wont show up in your environment. Simply go to my account and click the little pencil to “Assign To Environment” in the Add-Ons section.

It will ask you which environment you wish to assign to. The list will include only those environments under 32GB of ram.

Click “Assign To Selected” and you are done! Now you can get the memory you need for your project when you need it. Happy CloudSharing!