How to create a copy of your virtual machines!

By Danielle Arad - February 2, 2012
1 min read

Another common request when you are working with a remote SharePoint 2010 environment (either virtualized or not) is the ability to easily create a copy of it and run it as fast as possible. Fortunately, CloudShare offering includes this capability out of the box allowing you to create a complete copy of an existing environment o another one (either new or not). The steps for cloning an existing CloudShare environment are quite straightforward:

• First, you need to access to your CloudShare account and start one of your available environments. Once you have started it, you are ready to use all the operations available to work with your environment. At this point, we are interested in the “Create a copy” button available on the vertical menu of the CloudShare environment. As stated before, this button allows to create a copy of the entire environment to an existing one (not used yet) or to a new one (we will have to purchase a new Cloudshare subscription in this case).

• Once you click over this option, a modal dialog is shown indicating if it’s possible to create a copy of the environment or what additional steps are required to achieve it.

• In the case you don’t’ have any available subscription where copying the environment, you’ll see an information bar on the top of the message telling you need to by a subscription in order to be able to create a copy of the environment.

And that’s all about how to create a copy of an existing CloudShare environment.