How to increase your hard disk size on one of your virtual machines – Part II!

By Danielle Arad - January 10, 2012
2 min read

In the previous article published in CloudShare community blog How to increase your hard disk size in one of your virtual machines – Part I, I described one of the techniques available for increasing hard disk size in a virtual machine. In this new blog entry, I will explain a simpler workaround to achieve the same result:

First, you need to log in your CloudShare account and start any of the available environments. Once virtual machines belonging to the environment are running, just increase the hard disk size for one of them by using the “Edit hardware” button. As explained in the previous article, just click “Save changes” button and wait until the reboot takes place and your virtual machine is accessible again.

Connect to your virtual machine either using RDP or your favorite browser. Just go to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management. Once the “Computer Management” window is opened, click over the “Disk Management” section on the left area of the window

Once you have done this action, you can see both the allocated and not allocated space. As expected, there is free storage space that can be allocated to an existing hard drive. Select the hard drive you want to extend with extra space, do a right click with your mouse and press the “Extend Volume …”menu option.

A configuration wizard for extending the volume will start. Just click “Next” button in the first window of the wizard.
Next window will allow you to add the extra free storage space to the volume. Select the extra space and click the “Next” button.

After previous step, you are almost done. A summary window with all the parameters configured so far is displayed. Just click the “Finish” button in order to start the extension process.

Once the hard drive extension process finishes, you’ll see that the hard drive is has been extended with extra storage space.

And that’s all about an alternative approach to increase hard disk size and make it available in your virtual machine.