How to share your environment with team members!

By Danielle Arad - December 12, 2011
3 min read

CloudShare allows not only to share your environment with others as I described in the article “How To use a CloudShare shared environment at least 14 days”, but it also simplifies the process of sharing it in real time with other Team Members through CloudShare “Assign Team Members” functionality available in your environment. And this is really great when talking about Team Work using CloudShare because it allows collaboration and simultaneous work in the same environment to several Team Members in an organization. The process you must follow to assign a team member to your CloudShare environment is quite straight forward:

  • Once you have logged in your CloudShare account, start your environment by clicking the “View environment” button available in your home page. Note that alternatively you can also click directly the “Assign team member” button available in this page.
  • Once you are in your Environmet page, click the “Assign team member” button so a modal dialog is opened. In this modal dialog just type the name of the Team Member and his/her e-mail address. Click the “Submit” button.

  • Once you click the “Submit” button, your Team Member will receive in his/her personal Inbox the following e-mail message:
Hello Juan,Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin has assigned their CloudShare environment for you to access and use.CloudShare provides a real, fully-functional online installation, complete with servers, storage and networking.You can reconfigure the existing environment, add or delete data, install software or plug-ins.Once you click on the URL below, you will be able to access the Juan Carlos’s environment environment. You may choose to access it any time before December 1, 2011 6:02 AM To access the environment, visit:

Please visit our web site to see our full offering. For any questions on the environment please contact its author Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin at

— The CloudShare Team

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  • He/She has to follow the instructions described in this e-mail. Basically, if your Team Member has already a CloudShare account, he/she only needs to click over the invitation link and type his/her credentials when requested for it.

  • Once your Team Member clicks the “Login” button, he/she will access in real time to your environment and will be able to start using the available virtual machines with a valid access account.

  • If you go back to your environment page, you can see an information panel indicating your virtual machines are being used by at least one Team Member.

  • Of course, you can see additional information of the assigned Team Members by clicking in the “arrow” button.

And that’s all about how to assign Team Members to your CloudShare environment, a great and useful functionality when collaboration and team work is a must in an organization.