How to use a CloudShare shared environment at least 14 days

By Danielle Arad - November 10, 2011
2 min read

One of the most powerful capabilities of CloudShare Pro Plus offering is the ability to share a ready to use virtual machines environment with others by means of the permalink functionality. Basically, a permalink is a fixed URL that allows sharing the last snapshot of a working environment with an unlimited number of people.

For instance, every time I drive a SharePoint 2010 training (either a development, IT Pro or final user training) I start sharing my permalink ( with my students so that they can work with a stable version of my SharePoint 2010 deployment (based on the last snapshot I have done). In this way, each student has the opportunity of using this environment at least 14 days (of course, if they want to use it after 14 days they have to buy a CloudShare subscription). However, you must take into account that the initial lifetime for the shared environment in trial mode is 2 days maximum so you need to perform some additional steps in order to extend it to the 14 days:

First, you need to type the permalink in your favorite browser. Assuming that this is the first time you use CloudShare, you will be redirected to a registration form where you have to add some minimum data like your full name, e-mail account you are going to use to access CloudShare (this is the most important one).


type the permalink in your favorite browser

Once, you have typed all the data in the form, just press the “Register” button in order to start the registration process. You will receive an activation code you have to place in Email verification form that it is shown below.


Email verification form

In the Email verification form press the “Verify” button so that you are finally redirected to the shared environment. As you can see in the environment details page, the lifetime for it is only 2 days instead of the promised 14 ones. In order to extend the lifetime, press the “View environment” button.


Extend the lifetime of the environment

As a result of this action, you will see that all the virtual machines include in the environment will start. Once the machines are in a running state, you can extend the lifetime period to 14 days just only pressing the “Take ownership” button available under the “Guide” orange button. This action allows you to become the owner of the environment and above all use it at least 14 days.


“Take ownership”

Finally, the last step you have to do is review that the environment details page show a 14 days lifetime for using all the virtual machines included on it.

And that’s all, as you have noticed this Permalink capability allows you to share a CloudShare Pro Plus environment at least 14 days with other people what means you can drive training or demo sessions without problems during this time period ensuring a good user experience.

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