I don’t always test my code but…

By Danielle Arad - January 10, 2012
2 min read
One of my twitter friends sent me this picture today, and wow did it strike a chord. Some people try too hard to be “The Most Interesting Man in the World”, many otherwise cautious and well intentioned SharePoint superstars like to test code, changes, and migrations on live data. Of course you or I would never do that, but some daring people like to live on the edge.

Before any blame is implied, let’s look at the reality of the situation. Maintaining separate development and test environments on production equipment takes a ton of time and effort to not only stand-up, but also to maintain and keep in sync with your production systems. Getting resources from IT and QA is fraught with challenges, the least of which is pointing fingers when systems crash and users blow up at you.

So, what is a busy SharePoint administrator like you to do? If you are reading this, wouldn’t you rather spend time testing and working with some of the cool new tools like PowerPivot, rather than struggling to install them? Excel Services is like the Maple Bacon of enterprise software – it’s sweet and sizzles and you KNOW you want it. If you don’t want to wait, go try it now in our Solution Showcase.

If you would like to make a New Year’s Resolution for 2012, I’m here to help. For the month of January, use code RESOLUTION at checkout with CloudShare, and enjoy 4 months of free service. You’ll have the most flexible and easy to use platform for all of your testing needs without the headaches of spending the month of January setting up servers. With all the money you save, you can get to the gym, take that trip to Paris, and learn to play the guitar. You also have a 2 week trial period to make sure you are happy. When you are ready to test your code, setup a trial account!