Introducing More Powerful, Flexible CloudShare!

By Danielle Arad - October 6, 2014
1 min read

Dear CloudSharers!

We are happy to announce a significant service enhancement to all CloudShare customers. Our goal is to provide developers, testers and managers with a cloud platform that is easy to operate, transparently priced and cost effective.

Starting this week, we have reduced the price of TeamLabs packages to $199 for a monthly package, and bundled 1200 free GB RAM hours in every package. This means that one flat fee covers everything from licenses for preconfigured templates, VM upload & download, and run time. There are no hidden fees, and usage charges only apply past 1200 GB RAM hours.

In addition, we are launching two new service tiers: CloudShare On-Demand & CloudShare Individual. Both tiers offer full template libraries and features – VM upload, download, copy and VPN connections to on-premise networks – and the pricing is flexible. Either pay-for-use with $.50 per GB RAM hour or pay a flat $99 monthly fee for 700 GB RAM hours.

We believe that everyone – solo users, startups and large enterprises should have access to a simple, scalable cloud. These enhancements remove any limits to that choice. So choose your tier, and enjoy!

And Happy CloudSharing!