Is the cloud secure?

By Danielle Arad - February 21, 2012
2 min read

At a time when a quick search can lead you to the social media channels that will tell you a person’s place of residence, relationship status, favorite restaurant, where they are in real time, who their best friends are, where they work, and more (see image below for further explanation) – is any of our information secure?


Social Media Explained


While I can’t help when you post what you like eating to Facebook or which new privacy policy changes Google will make without consulting us, I can tell you what the folks here at CloudShare do to ensure everything you put on your virtual machines is kept secure.

Richard Harbridge (@rharbridge), Senior SharePoint Evangelist with Allin Consulting, recently outlined these tools for evaluating your Cloud provider. I’d like to focus on the security aspect of his article, as it relates to CloudShare:


  • Who will have access to my sensitive data? Only the collaborators you assign to your environment or anyone with whom you’ve shared a copy will have access. If you don’t trust them, don’t share with them. Also, our support team in limited instances will access your VMs if you have provided them with your VMs Administrator username and password.


  • Do I have full ownership of my data? Our product is designed for pre-production data. If you have production data, then make sure to disable auto-login so that only users with the password will have access.


  • How do you detect if an application is being attacked (hacked), and how is that reported to me and my employees? If there is any suspicious activity coming from your virtual machines we will block traffic to and from your VMs and notify you immediately.


  • How do you control administrator access to the service? You are the server administrator which means you and only you have full control of who gets to access your VMs.


  • What firewalls are in place? There are separate firewalls for paying customers and trial users. These firewalls are managed by our network operations team.


  • What anti-virus technology is in place? You are responsible for installing your own antivirus software, if you so choose.


  • Can I get virtual layer 2 networking and a stateful virtual firewall? You have the freedom to install as many or as few security measures as you’d like to your CloudShare VMs and environments.


So, there you have it! When you’re working in CloudShare, YOU are in full control of your security level. And if you have any questions or want some tips, you can always contact us.

How do you address online security and privacy when you’re not working in CloudShare?