Love My CloudShare

By Danielle Arad - February 9, 2012
1 min read

Recently I had to get a SharePoint Foundation environment up pretty quickly to test a branding solution that was built for a client. Kris Wagner had always talked up CloudShare, so I decided to give it a try. Easy was not the word, it was easier than easy and now I am hooked.

Our company purchased a few licenses for CloudShare and I have to say this makes life easier for our IT gurus. They were frequently asked at the last minute to build XYZ in the cloud for this demo or this project. Now they can focus on more important tasks and the developers and I can spin up almost any environment needed in minutes.

If I want to try something new that I have read in a blog post, I am off into my CloudShare environment. I am not worried when and if I break anything, just delete the environment and spin up a new one in minutes. I also don’t have to tell IT that I broke the server they just built because I was playing in SharePoint. Another benefit I don’t have to carry extra HD’s around for my VM’s (yay!) and I can use this from any computer.

Some of the features include, sharing environments, assigning team members and quick snapshots. Want to check out the HP Media Center for SharePoint? Easy just visit the SharePoint Showcase where you can “easily create an instant SharePoint environments for development, testing and demos using one of CloudShare’s pre-configured solutions”.

Thanks for reading.