Merge your CloudShare accounts – taking advantage of multiple environments

By Danielle Arad - November 10, 2011
2 min read

You may have heard, CloudShare recently announced an awesome new feature allowing you to have multiple environments under a single login. But what happens if you already have multiple accounts?

The benefits of multiple environments are:

1.) Centralized billing

2.) Scalability for the organization

3.) Ability to assign developers to environments

4.) Flexibility

In the past it was one CloudShare long-in = one environment. Now you can have as many environments as you need, and scale them. Not only that you can bring in your development teams to work in the environments as needed and control access. For those CloudSharer’s who already had CloudShare accounts, the question then becomes, how do I merge my multiple CloudShare accounts into one. Here are the steps.

1.) For your primary or new account, make sure you have the appropriate number of subscriptions. Subscriptions are the right to create an environment. If you have five separate CloudShare accounts, then you should have five subscriptions standing by in the new account to be the centralized one. Some organizations will designate an existing account to be the centralized one, in which case they will need an additional four subscriptions total five in this scenario.


2.) Login to an existing CloudShare Account

3.) View the Environment you wish to move over

4.) Take a snapshot

5.) When the snapshot completes, click “Get Permalink” in the “View Environment” Page

6.) Copy the static Permalink URL

7.) Logout of the account, and Login to the designated centralized account

8.) Paste the permalink in the browser

9.) You will now see your environment in the centralized account under “Shared Environments”

10.) View the copied environment

11.) Click “Own”, this will move the copy to “Owned Environments”

12.) Now an unallocated subscription will be applied to the environment

13.) Validate the copy of the environment works, as expected.

14.) Logout of the centralized account, and back into the account you just copied from

15.) Delete your environment ( ONLY after you are sure step 13 is accurate )

16.) Repeat steps 2 – 15 until you have completed all moves of old environments

Now you can close your previous accounts, and you will have copies of all the environments in the centralized account. Happy CloudShareing.