My CloudShare Experience

By Danielle Arad - May 31, 2012
2 min read

Why I use CloudShare

I discovered CloudShare when I started working on a project for one of my customers. In order to complete the project, I had to prepare a Microsoft Project Server 2010 demo but did not have access to an environment in which to do so. I had to initiate the project manually. I went through the process of procuring new servers. I then organized the installation and configuration of the system. I spent my time and resources coordinating IT personnel to bring it to a good end.

Even after all of that, I unfortunately still did not succeed in having an operational demo environment. That’s when I came across CloudShare. With Cloudshare, I had a fully functional demo environment in a few clicks and for just under $500 per year! Now, I have full control and ownership of my own environment to build, break, and revert as I please. Also, I can easily collaborate with my team. CloudShare has saved me time and money.

Why my company uses CloudShare

Business Strategy is a small company specialized in Enterprise Project Management in Belgium. We configure out-of-the-box solutions in order to offer our customers Project Management Best Practices. Our core technologies are Microsoft Project Server 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Our customers require Proofs-of-Concept, which means we need to be able to demo easily and readily. Rolling-out a demo and/or PoC environment is very challenging when you are still in a pre-sales cycle because you need to invest in IT infrastructure and licenses, you need senior management approvals, there are security and technical issues to be resolved, etc. That’s why we were investigating ways to rapidly install an environment while keeping costs low and having the possibility to share with other users.

Thanks to one of our business relationships, we were introduced to Cloudshare. After a short 2-week evaluation, we were convinced that CloudShare perfectly suited our needs. CloudShare’s value: a configurable environment that is extensible and easy to use, comes with standard templates or the option to customize on demand, and all at a reasonable price. CloudShare enables us to organize demos and Proof of Concepts with a fast track approach. We also love the fact that you can share a controlled copy for your customers to experience, or share with contributors to collaborate on the development of your solution, a demo, or a POC.

We’ve also had a very good experience with CloudShare support in terms of service level. Issues are tracked and resolved in a timely, professional manner. From a business case point of view, CloudShare is far more cost effective than deploying an environment in-house.

…and that’s my CloudShare experience.