Super Tuesday!

By Danielle Arad - March 6, 2012
2 min read

Today is Super Tuesday! As images of polling places, hanging chads, and presidential pop art fly through your head, please don’t worry. I promise I’m not going to get on my liberal soapbox this afternoon. I’m not even going to ask you who you’re voting for and how you can be so crazy. That is not the super Tuesday to which I am referring.

Instead, I want to talk about Super Tuesday at CloudShare.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of a little company named YouSendIt? Well, YouSendIt and CloudShare have decided to join forces and battle Newt, Mitt, Rick, and Ron, with the release of YouSendIt’s new feature WorkStream. And what’s even cooler is you can test and demo in CloudShare!

What They Do

YouSendIt provides a plugin for Sharepoint 2010 and 2007 that enables Sending and Tracking any size file from Sharepoint to external and internal parties.

WorkStream (formerly called Corporate Suite) allows your IT group to centrally set security and file policies through the Enterprise Management Service (EMS) module. These policies are reinforced through the SharePoint plugin. The Directory Services Connector, a subset of EMS, provides integration to Active Directory which automates how IT can provision employees and provide Single Sign-On to the user’s YouSendIt accounts.

What We Do

CloudShare provides you with access to this demo environment which allows you to try the SharePoint plugin with your YouSendIt account. Details about the Send and Tracking features are included in the environment description.

We love collaborating with our fellow SharePointers to offer more solutions. And YouSendIt is collaborating outside the firewall with the control of SharePoint in a very convenient way.

We have many other collabos like this one in our Solutions Showcase. It’s all about getting you the environments you need for the most effective dev/test. I mean, that’s just super.

Know what else is super? The CloudShare team will be representing at YouSendIt’s launch party tonight.

So, who are you going to vote for?