Templates are on the menu! (where they always were)

By Danielle Arad - November 20, 2014
1 min read

Today we made a simple change – public availability of environment templates. This means you can search and access all of our environment templates directly from the Showcase. If you already have a Team or Enterprise subscription, you already have access to the full list.

But if you are new to CloudShare, you might wonder:

  • What are my options for testing environments…?
  • Or demo environments…?
  • And do you have a ______ template?
  • Or a preconfigured ______ machines?

Of course we do, and now you can search for them here. And if there is something you need that we do not yet have, let us know! Read below about environment templates, and how you can get involved.


Service On-Demand

The showcase is the simplest way for developers, testers, and integrators to access and test new tools. The enviroments are built – in some cases with many machines – the tools are installed, and in some cases, design features are already implemented.

The showcase is a menu of simple environments ready to be served. It’s simple and sweet, like this!


Not like this…


And as always with CloudShare, there’s no worrying about breaking the bank or the back end. Just select your showcase template, select the right plan for you and begin. If you want to build your own, we would love to host it. Just reach out to info@cloudshare.com!