VM Environment Template Updates — Visual Studio 2015 & More!

By Danielle Arad - December 12, 2014
2 min read

CloudShare’s VM environment templates are one of the easiest way to start a project – grab a pre-configured virtual machine or an entire multi-machine environment, and skip straight to the customization. The CloudShare template team builds and updates these constantly, and we are glad to work with the community to accept and promote helpful templates.

This week, we are glad to share both. Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP and SharePoint expert, added an “In-Context Sharepoint Training Environment”. The indefatigable Juan Carlos added two Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 templates, and our team added some updates of their own. Check it out!

In-Context SharePoint Training

Asif’s Sharepoint training environment is a place to start for anyone refreshing their SharePoint knowledge. With 100s of videos and live environments for testing out tricks, it’s truly a one-stop spot for Sharepoint training. Check it out here!

Visual Studio 2015 & 2013

Get the jump on the latest and greatest in Visual Studio 2015. There’s a lot to jump on, but Cloudshare’s favorite has to be Code Lens availability in Preview. Previously only available in Ultimate, it’s a context checker – like spellcheck and a predictive thesaurus – for code. Here are some more, or just try the environment out for yourself!

Top ALM Features in Visual Studio 2015 preview and Visual Studio 2103 Update 4:

  1. Emulator for Android in Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  2. Debugging C++ code on Android with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  3. Memory Debugging (managed & native) with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  4. Support for debugging lambda expressions with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  5. Developer can filter link types on Code Map with Visual Studio Update 4
  6. Code Lens for Git “Team Activity View” with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  7. CodeLens in Visual Studio Online with Visual Studio Update 4
  8. DevOps style deployment templates with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  9. Smart Unit Tests with Visual Studio 2015 Preview
  10. Browser based Test Case Management with Visual Studio Online and Visual Studio Update 4.
  11. Performance Metrics Explorer in Application Insights with Visual Studio Update 4
  12. Release Management now supports Visual Studio Online with Visual Studio Update 4
  13. Browser based authoring for Cloud-based Load Testing with Visual Studio Online

Sourced from MSDN blog here.

Also, we updated more VM machines, VM environment templates and Sharepoint templates. Take a look!

New Virtual Machine Templates:

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard /W Active Directory & SQL 2014 Standard

Updated Environment Template:

Sharepoint 2010 SP1 W/ Visual Studio 2012+MD vol migration

Updated Virtual Machine Templates:

Windows Server 2012 x64 Standard

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with October 2013 Update

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise SP1 Additional Server Bits Only

SharePoint 2010 Enterprise SP1

CentOS 6.5 Server

Now that you got the pre-configured environments, all that is left to do is create your account and start working!

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