What do we mean when we say performance?

By Danielle Arad - February 11, 2012
1 min read

As soon as you thought the meaning of a word like “performance” was pretty straight-forward and easy, you talk to someone at CloudShare and we say “well, what do you mean?”

We find that sometimes users confuse which type of performance they would like to investigate. For example, if you are streaming a movie on your local machine and RDPing into your CloudShare Virtual Machine, the performance of the RDP connection might be jeopardized. From your point of view, however, it might look as though the performance of the machine is poor because there is a delay when you click the “Start” menu.

It’s true. The Cloud makes talking about machine performance a bit more complicated. The reason for this is that performance in the cloud can mean many things. So what does “Performance” mean to CloudShare?

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