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How to Optimize Your Software Demos

By Danielle Arad - April 24, 2017

Your sales demo is the key to creating a connection between the customer, your brand, and you. Our new eBook, How to Optimize Your Software Demos, offers 35 tips to help you prepare and conduct better product demos to make…

proof of concept

The Best Formula for a Successful POC Starts with The Cloud

By Danielle Arad - March 27, 2017

By now this is a known, universal cause for frustration – both for customers looking for IT solutions and for vendors looking to demonstrate their solutions. Producing a successful proof of concept has become a matter of interpretation, with too…

sales demos

How to Create a Winning Recipe for Software Demonstrations

By Scott Petri - March 8, 2017

If your sales demos end with a polite “Thank you” from the audience – you’ve lost them at ‘hello’. How do I know? Because I’ve been there and I know a successful sales demo doesn’t end politely, it ends excitedly…

rsa cybersecurity

Trade Shows Don’t Deliver ROI? It’s Time to Move On To Cloud-Based Cybersecurity Demos

By Danielle Arad - January 23, 2017

RSA would be a great place to start. In the run-up to this year’s RSA Conference, we wanted to ask whether cybersecurity tech companies need to refresh the way they demo their technology at industry trade shows and events. Despite…

The End of the Travelling IT Salesperson

Are You Still Doing On-Premises IT Sales Demos?

By Danielle Arad - December 15, 2016

IT Sales Engineers of the world: Do you like spending your time waiting for delayed airplanes? Do you enjoy travelling hundreds of miles to present your product to leads you suspect are never going to convert? Is it okay for…

Must-Have Metrics to Evaluate Sales Engineers' Performance

Must-Have Metrics to Evaluate Sales Engineers’ Performance

By Danielle Arad - November 17, 2016

Sales engineers are a valuable asset to the sales team, no question about that. But just how valuable? We usually use various metrics to evaluate employees and determine insightful KPIs to measure and improve performance. But when it comes to…

9 Tips for Sales Engineers to Master the Art of Presentations

9 Tips for Sales Engineers to Master the Art of Presentations

By Danielle Arad - September 20, 2016

What’s the million dollar question? Well, there are a couple… but for now let’s focus on one: What makes a brilliant sales engineer? The simple answer is a combination of sales skills and technical knowledge of your product. But in…

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