How to Create a Winning Recipe for Software Demonstrations

By Scott Petri - March 8, 2017
2 min read

If your sales demos end with a polite “Thank you” from the audience – you’ve lost them at ‘hello’.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there and I know a successful sales demo doesn’t end politely, it ends excitedly with people wanting to see more of your product.

But, you’re great at presenting the product, really, you are. You know this product like the back of your hand. You can answer any question your prospects might ask you and your presentation is truly flawless. There’s only one small problem – your product demo doesn’t work because it’s all about your product.

I know, confusing, right? But, here’s the thing –

Your sales demo is not about the product, it’s about how your product can solve your prospect’s problems. As much as this makes sense to all of us sales professionals, for some reason, this is often the number one reason sales demos fail. They fail to keep the audience interested, intrigued and engaged; they fail to let the audience experience firsthand the product’s benefits; and they fail, again, to keep the audience asking for more.

So, how do you make your sales demos fascinating and compelling? How do you keep the audience on their toes?

With the 2 most important aspects in a successful sales demo:

  1. Accurate, engaging delivery.
  2. A suitable lab environment to demonstrate your product’s benefits perfectly.


It’s all about organizing the content to:

  • Address your customers’ key business issues
  • Doing that within the first few minutes of your demonstration!

Real Life Experience

Choosing the right IT lab environment to showcase your software solution in the brightest light is critical to capture your audience’s full understanding of your product’s benefits. The best way to show off is by literally showing them how it works in a real-life environment.

So, what have we learned?

Just telling people about your product won’t get you anywhere near their attention span and will most likely put them straight to sleep. So, if you’re looking to get more out of your prospects than a laconic “thank you” you better start working on a new sales demo, and quick.

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Don’t put your prospects to sleep. Make them your most enthusiastic admirers.

See you there!

Scott Petri.
Solutions Engineer

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