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Built for Success: How Customer Success Teams Boost Your Bottom Line

By Annie Reiss - October 8, 2018

People often use customer service and customer success interchangeably in conversation. Remove “customer” from the phrases and you’ll see the difference – service versus success. Customer service is a support function that resolves an issue, such as reacting to a…

Five tips so your demos don’t derail deals

By Annie Reiss - September 25, 2018

You’ve been working with the prospect for months, and, finally, the prospect has set a time on her calendar to see a demo. This is the meeting on which everything hinges. The demo needs to be flawless. Here are some…

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Why Virtual IT Labs Should Be in Your SalesTech Stack

By Danielle Arad - August 22, 2018

By the time B2B sales engineers sit down with modern prospects, those buyers are typically 57% of the way to making their purchasing decisions. With product information, user reviews and third-party assessments readily available online, the mantra of sales is…

corporate training mistakes

3 Corporate Training Mistakes That Keep Your Department Sweaty, Stressed & Small

By Annie Reiss - August 21, 2018

It’s the middle of the year, and you’ve got an assessment coming up, and you know it can affect what your department can do next year. If you’re like many heads of corporate education and training, you’re probably overextended and…

CloudShare Expands Single Sign-On (SSO) Support with OpenID Connect

By Michal Frenkel - August 20, 2018

Enterprise employees typically use multiple applications and technologies during their work days, with each requiring user authorization and authentication to maintain security. The single sign-on concept was born out of the desire to streamline this process across multiple applications, making…

training for saas applications

Why Spectacular Training for SaaS Applications is the Winning Recipe for Customer Stickiness

By Danielle Arad - August 15, 2018

Customer success initiatives are largely built on the following hypothesis: companies that invest in their customers’ success reach higher levels of customer satisfaction, which in turn becomes a driver of profitability through customer retention. This hypothesis is based on multiple…

sales engineer team

3 Reasons That Keep Your SE Department Small & Undervalued (& How to Overcome Them)

By Danielle Arad - August 15, 2018

If you feel your sales engineering team is underappreciated, under-budgeted, and quick to become the target whenever your company decides to downsize, you’re not alone. Based on conversations we’ve had with thought leaders in the industry, we know that SE…

training for saas applications

Now Available: CloudShare Training Solution for SaaS to Ensure Immediate Customer Value

By Michal Frenkel - August 14, 2018

The market for SaaS applications is booming, with a high point of $71 billion predicted this year. It’s not hard to figure out why organizations are allocating more budget for SaaS. These applications have a lower cost of entry as…

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