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Digital Nomad

The One, Simple Tool You Need to Embrace IT-Savvy Digital Nomads

By Stephanie Myara - November 22, 2017

They’re probably sipping coffee all the way across the world in a coffee shop, but they might just be your next IT hire or partner. Everybody’s looking for new talent. But what they should be looking into is how to…

Your Training Revenues Can be Higher. Much Higher.

By Danielle Arad - November 14, 2017

Take a look at the top 7 CloudShare training features that boost your ROI What are we even using training for, if not to reach greater productivity, stronger performance, and higher revenues? Specialty virtual training labs are meant to save…

3 Virtual Lab Tricks and Treats That Will Put a Spell On You

By Stephanie Myara - October 30, 2017

See, when using virtual labs, there are both tricks to watch out for and many treats to enjoy. So, with Halloween approaching, it seems the perfect time to discuss a few. The only difference is, with virtual labs, trick-or-treating goes…


InnoTech College Provides Hands-on Software Training with CloudShare’s Virtual Training Labs

By Stephanie Myara - October 26, 2017

“CloudShare is a game changer when it comes to saving time and overhead costs for class setup. I have one central administrator account from which I can add users and take care of any issue, as well as get usage…

atlassian summit

Atlassian Drives Revenue & Reduces Costs with CloudShare’s Virtual Training Labs

By Stephanie Myara - October 11, 2017

The end of the year is in sight. OKRs (objectives and key results) or KPIs – no matter which acronym your using, your annual targets are probably on your wall staring you in the face. Together with the drive for…

economics of it training labs

IT Training Lab Costs: A Comparison of Today’s Three Options

By Stephanie Myara - October 4, 2017

NEW REPORT DETAILS THE ECONOMICS OF CLOUD-BASED TRAINING LABS AND ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES If IT training is an important element of your business, you obviously will want to examine your options with a focus on optimizing operational efficiency and lowering your…

hidden costs

Hidden Costs of Cloud-based Courseware

By Stephanie Myara - September 27, 2017

So, you’ve decided to migrate your on-prem virtual training environments to the cloud. You know all about the benefits that the cloud has to offer over on-premise infrastructure, and are looking forward to reducing your capital expenditure, taking the burden…

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