CloudShare announces IBM Rational Team Concert Cloud Environment

By Danielle Arad - September 4, 2012
2 min read

CloudShare loves making the lives of developers easier. One way we do it is by making processes so convenient that they become invisible. In the application life-cycle this means that developers can focus on creating great technology, and managers can have full visibility and change control. ProPlus provides you the tools needed to start development projects faster and eliminate all thoughts of infrastructure. On top of that we add collaboration and environment management tools. How can it get any better!?

It has. I’m thrilled to announce that ProPlus now features an environment with IBM’s new Rational Team Concert (RTC) Application Life-cycle Management Suite! This makes it easier than ever for developers to experience RTC 4.0 and begin working in the Cloud.

CloudShare’s pre-configured Rational Team Concert (RTC) 4.0 Environment contains virtual machines with RTC pre-installed, client machines with Eclipse IDE and RTC Plugin, and code samples. This allows developers to begin coding in minutes and, just as easily, get machines up and running for evaluation.

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Development teams can be set up in many ways with this new environment. Developers can develop on premise and connect to their CloudShare RTC environment via a feature called “Web Access”, or they can develop on a VM inside of CloudShare and connect via direct IP. We even have an Eclipse template ready to go. Analysts and managers have full visibility as they can browse to the RTC web application with their local browsers or even an iPad. For staging and testing environments, whole development environments can be duplicated using our permalink feature . This all sets up in just minutes!


Explore the latest features of Rational Team Concert 4.0 without impacting production infrastructure. In minutes, developers can engage with its robust Eclipse integration, development progress dashboards, and task management features.

Develop in the Cloud and eliminate the need for physical boxes and hypervisors. By moving day-to-day work to the Cloud, developers gain the benefits of change control, full sandboxing, and collaboration that on-premise development cannot provide.

Deploy code for test or release automatically. Developers can use the RTC Build Awareness features and have builds continuously deployed to testing, staging, and production environments. With testing and staging environments on-demand, developers can enjoy the flexibility and productivity of agile infrastructure in minutes.

– No more infrastructure
– No more developer box contamination
– No more impact to production

Coding in the Cloud is the easiest way to take advantage of the cost savings the Cloud has to offer without the risks associated with production cloud solutions.