Lab Management … That Works

By Danielle Arad - September 30, 2013
2 min read

As you may know CloudShare’s new product, TeamLabs, opens up a world of opportunity in the Application Lifecycle Management, and Application Release Automation worlds. While I’ve spent a long time working in application development, the details of these processes have been foreign to me. Enter crash course on DevOps. I have been spending a lot of time learning this world, and what I found out is… Microsoft Lab Management, no work!

Microsoft Lab Management is a combination of products from Microsoft, that brings developers in the .Net world closer to modern DevOps and Continuous Integration processes and methodologies. All the talk around Lab Management by Microsoft and their partners tells a clear story. But it never seems to go further than that.

Every hour-long demo I see of the Lab Management tools System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), Hyper-V, and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) involves complex explanations of how things are supposed to work and be set up. Included in these explanations is the difference between Standard Environments, and Complex Environments. Standard Environments limit you in functionality such as snapshots, and replication of environments. This is the case if you try to use Azure with Lab Manager. However Complex Environments, as the name implies, are complex to set up, but the result is they allow you to do much more such as automatically snapshot complete environments, share them, and replicate them.

Does this sound familiar? If you know our products, you know that CloudShare has always had the functionality to Snapshot, Replicate, Share. But it’s not complex at all! So not only is CloudShare lab management that works without any setup, but it’s in the Cloud and has more functionality when tied to MTM then an Azure Standard Environment does.

CloudShare TeamLabs is Lab Management that works, can be set up in minutes, and has all the functionality Dev and Test teams need. Not only that, but because it’s not a product controlled by IT, the developers have full control, and the organization can give IT oversight if they need. NO MORE WAITING FOR VMs and you get even better Complex Environments with networking, software and configurations.

Something unique that CloudShare TeamLabs adds above and beyond even SCVMM Complex Environments, is the fact that our snapshots take more then just the disk state. They take the memory state, and the network state, exactly where it was before the snapshot was captured.

Try CloudShare TeamLabs today, start the clock and see how long it takes you to get an environment set up for your application, compared to how long it takes with Microsoft Lab Management.