Microsoft has just changed the way you develop … again

By Danielle Arad - September 12, 2012
2 min read

At CloudShare we are all about increasing developer efficiency and making application lifecycle processes transparent. What better way is there to do this than bringing the latest release of Microsoft’s Visual Studio to CloudShare. We are thrilled to announce new templates featuring the latest and greatest Visual Studio 2012 on CloudShare ProPlus, bringing the concept of “Cloud Coding” to life.

Visual Studio 2012 is Now Available

What is “Cloud Coding”? It’s taking your development completely to the cloud without thinking twice about infrastructure. This makes project entry barriers nothing, and if something breaks, who cares? You can start over quickly. It took me just five minutes to provision an environment in CloudShare, open my VM with Visual Studio 2012, start a new C# project, and link to my TFS Services account. I fell in love instantly.

Now all of my coding — yes I still do some of that for fun — is in a virtual machine running in my CloudShare environments. I take a snapshot every week, and I invite my friends when I want to show off what I have built. I never have to think about the machines at all. And since CloudShare uses accelerated RDP, I don’t even notice that i’m not on my local machine.

No one needs to be distracted or slowed down by the mechanics of a process. Work processes should be transparent enough that managers can easily evaluate output from colleagues who are free to concentrate on their immediate tasks.

Most Cloud services were designed to replace production environments, so infrastructure is set once with a lot of effort then forgotten in the hope that nothing breaks. Development does not work this way. It requires flexibility in many areas — environments must move up to the cloud, down to on premise, and across organizational groups and beyond for collaboration and QA.

Development also has its own unique cost and resource structures. While production infrastructure is designed not to fail, development environments must be tuned to start, fail and recover quickly. Consequently, development environments cannot be priced and served just like always-on production environments. They must be able to turn on and off, and the pricing should reflect this.

ProPlus is a solution that puts the agile process in the hands of the developer. It drastically lowers the bar to entry for new projects, gives developers full control of their machines, and is tuned for fast failure and recovery. And since the work sits in an easy to access Cloud, business analysts and managers can check in from anywhere, on any device.

Visual Studio 2012 in our new templates is an easy way for developers to increase their efficiency and get all the power of Microsoft development tools in minutes.